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DELTA, Animal Production Consultants is a consulting firm which provides professional and cost-effective services in Animal Production in its broadest sense, in a wide range of disciplines.

DELTA has at its disposal a team of highly qualified scientists from different parts of the world, with first class expertise in different thematic areas, enabling it to provide a high quality service to its clients.

The managing Director of the firm is Roberto Cardellino, who has a comprehensive background and experience in the field of Animal Production.

DELTA highlights specifically a high degree of expertise in Sheep and Wool issues, including their production components (wool and meat), genetic improvement programs and market intelligence information.

The firm provides services to clients both nationally (Uruguay) and internationally, and can communicate either in English or in Spanish.

Thanks to our strong international network of contacts at different levels, we have access to the latest technologies, methodologies and processes available on a world basis, covering from the more technical issues up to the more applied implementation projects.


Among them, there are included:

Raul Leborgne (Ing.Agr.), an experienced specialist in Animal and Milk Production.

Alvaro Simeone (Ing.Agr.,PhD), specialized in animal nutrition and supplementation

Bernardo Andregnette (Ing.Agr.), former general coordinator of Fucrea, specialized in the economic analysis of commercial farming enterprises and formulation of production projects.

Guillermo Cardellino (Ing.Agr.), former general coordinator of Prenader (National Irrigation Program), specialist in cropping and irrigation.